Patient  Appointments & Policies

Every patient gives me permission to review the Georgia PMP. This is a database of Physicians, Patients and Pharmacies regarding use of Controlled Substances. By Georgia State Law, I must review this database before prescribing any controlled substances. If there are problems (additional doctors with similar prescriptions, multiple pharmacies, multiple drugs) we will discuss and determine how the treatment plan should be adjusted.

Refill policy

  1. Please first call your pharmacy for refill, as they can send a request via Internet.
  2. No controlled substances are renewed when I am out of office or after hours.
  3. Controlled substances are not replaced if bottles or prescriptions are lost, generally. One exception may be made if a Police report is provided.
  4. Changes in pharmacies must be communicated to me.
  5. If labs are ordered, including drug screens, they must be completed. Failure to comply will result in dismissal.