Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry is a specialty involving the intersections of psychiatry and the law. I have subspecialty certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Forensic Psychiatry. I am a member of the American Association for Psychiatry and the Law.

I work predominantly in malpractice cases. I have worked with both State and Federal Courts. I have also performed some evaluations for criminal law.

I also consult with patients and families concern with capacity to make judgements such as wills, medical or financial decisions. I can assist families and their attorneys regarding guardianship and related matters.

Disability reviews are a subset of forensic psychiatry. I avoid performing these on my patients due to the implicit risk of conflict of interest of advocating for patients versus advocating for objective truth. I prefer to only provide medical records for such reviews of my patients. Requests to provide anything beyond that require evaluation of the requests and work regarding the forms. Such work is not reimbursed by insurers and will require payment at time of completion of such forms.

My forensic practice is customarily begun by legal firms. This type of work is rarely reimbursed by medical insurance. I will be glad to offer my current fee schedule on request.